Volunteers are Super Heroes

Celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week April 16-23, 2023

People always says it takes a village, when talking about giving back and working with a cause. At Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary we couldn’t agree more. Our volunteers are more than that, they are part of our Farmhouse Family. Without the help of these dedicated and caring people we couldn’t do what we do for the animals.

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we asked our volunteers to tell us what FANS means to them. We have always found it strange that our volunteers thank us for letting them volunteer but from the quotes below you will see it means more to them too. Their words demonstrate how we, as a village, strive to create a positive atmosphere with a focus on caring for the animals in a natural and peaceful setting. To us our volunteers are super heroes. If you would like to volunteer, please visit the volunteer page on our website to see what opportunities are available and fill out our volunteer application.

What they are saying…

I truly look forward to coming to the Farmhouse. I never thought that things such as cleaning up after lots of goats, cleaning pools for pigs and cleaning bird cages while inside the cage with them would be fun, but it is! This is an opportunity to help that is unique. There is something calming about doing the work and talking to the animals and loving on them for several hours that makes a bad day/week go away. I think animals are natural anti-depressants!


In one word love…we all can use more they as much love as we give the animals, they give so much more back to us even though most of them have had a rough start at life


The Farmhouse is a caring group of kind people who want to make a world a better place. When I visit the Farm my heart smiles from all the happy creatures that live there. One day I was painting planters near the chickens. They were on the other side of the fence, but before long they jumped the fence to see what I was doing and we became friends. The happiness I felt was lasting. Good people doing great things to improve lives!


I am the past sponsor of Lakewood Loves Animals Service Club at Lakewood Ranch High School. We have been volunteering at The Farmhouse Sanctuary for over a year. The students love going to the farm and working and interacting with all the animals. Lisa and Dave are always so welcoming to the students and work alongside them and tell the students about each animal and their story as to how they came to the Sanctuary. The students have become very attached to the animals and will ask to work in certain areas of the farm so as to be near their favorites.


We met Lisa and Dave Burns of the Farmhouse Animal Sanctuary at one of our rescue rally’s. We knew right away we wanted to visit their sanctuary and meet all the different animals they have. Immediately we saw their hearts and love for their sanctuary by how well each and every rescue was cared for. We knew then and there we wanted to be a part of this dynamic duo and help them anyway we can as they really have their hands full. Their love and dedication to their, and other rescues makes this couple a pillar of our community.


Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary it means family. it means leaving no one behind. the farmhouse is there for all animals in need, and proves that there’s someone out there who can be everything an animal needs.


The farmhouse means a dedication and love to serve the animals who need our support to love on and care for them: a family that helps support the ongoing mission for the good of the animals no matter if it’s helping to do physical work, assisting behind the scenes, helping with fundraisers etc… We all come together as a family to help the animals.


Passion, dedication. Passion for the animals and their wellbeing for their remainder of life and the destination behind this is a tremendous task for anyone. And not everyone is cut out to do it.