Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Carrie Brown

by Sandra Krug

Carrie Burns has been a resident of Manatee County for most of her life. She became involved with Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary (FANS) because her parents, Dave and Lisa Burns, run the rescue. Carrie always had a love and a soft spot for animals. She knew right away; she had to be around them. Carrie serves on the Board of Directors for FANS. Since moving to Lakeland Carrie switched from being part of the feed and clean crew to a virtual volunteer. She helps with vetting new volunteers, reaches out for inkind donations for events and helps with in person events.

We asked Carrie, which animal is your favorite at FANS and why? She replied, I do not have a favorite but top 3 that I have a connection with Powder, Casper, and now Nosey.”

  • Powder is a white kangaroo who first went into a prior sanctuary with a number of issues. She had lost part of her tail and was sunburned. But, she is healthy and happy now at FANS.
  • Casper is a Goffin cockatoo who loves to talk and dance to all kinds of music.
  • Nosey is a goat that came to us in October 2019 at about 7 to 8 months of age. She was rescued from a bad situation by a well meaning family. They took her home, kept her safe and helped her to grow for several monhs. They realized she would be happier in a herd of her own kind with room to run, play and be a real goat.

As a volunteer, Carrie started out as part of the feed and clean crew. She would feed the many animals residing at FANS and cleaned all the animal areas…and gave the animals lots of love! Her most rewarding, and the favorite part of being a volunteer at FANS, is seeing how happy the animals are and getting back rubs from Danny. Danny is a horse!

Danny was the first FANS rescue. He was once a barrel racer who was retired after injuring his hind leg. His leg gives him a bit of trouble now and then but he still enjoys the occasional ride as well as grazing and hanging  out with his pasture mate, Valentine.

We asked Carrie what pointers would you share with someone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer?  She says, “Do it! It is hard work, but so worth it.”

Volunteering is a huge stress reliever for her, and she loves being around all the “babies” as she calls them. When not serving on the Board or volunteering at FANS, Carrie works and is an avid baker. Carrie has an Associate degree as a Pastry Chef and Restaurant Management. Carrie is a Veteran serving as a medic in the National Guard. She is also a life-long pet owner of dogs and cats. Carrie has a soft spot for big dogs and bully breeds.

We asked her If you could ask for one thing to help the animals at FANS, what would it be? Carrie stated, “More volunteers..there are so many things that the animals need.” If you would like to become a volunteer please fill out our volunteer application