Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Cara Rister

Volunteers play a strategically important role in animal rescue. It also gives you the chance to contribute every day to the kind of community and world in which you want to live.

Cara was in a local community Facebook page and saw that they were looking for items to auction for a fundraising event. Being a groomer and loving animals, she chose to offer a gift certificate for her services. After speaking in length with Lisa about the animals cared for at FANS, she found herself instantly offering to volunteer to help wherever she could.

Her work, as a professional dog groomer, is where Cara finds peace in her life. As a volunteer, Cara finds herself doing anything that is needed – mucking stalls, grooming the animals, so they are clean and comfortable, anything she can to help whenever she can. She volunteers about once a month if she can. Her fiancé tries to volunteer when he is able at FANS

Seeing these animals go from scared and abused or neglected to happy and healthy is what Cara finds most rewarding and is her favorite part of volunteering.

We asked which animal is your favorite at FANS, and why? Cara said, “POWDER! She is so sweet and loving. How could you ever not love such an amazing Roo”?

Powder is a gorgeous white kangaroo. The kangaroos came to us from a sanctuary that was closing, where we had once been caretakers. They specialized in caring for wild & exotic animals and, over the years, received many babies, mostly from Texas, that needed to be hand-raised, or they would have died. A few were born at the sanctuary as well. They will now live out their lives with us at the Farmhouse.

When asked what pointers you would share with someone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer, Cara says, Please do! So many animals out there need our help, need us to care, and be their voices.”

We also asked if you could ask for one thing to help the animals at FANS, what would it be?  She stated, “Support! Without the public and community to support places like FANS, we couldn’t provide the love and care of these animals so desperately need.”

If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer visit our volunteer page