Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Annette Laliberte

Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary (FANS) located in Myakka City, is always looking for like-minded animal lovers to help with the seemingly never-ending list of chores to be done at the sanctuary. Whether its regular maintenance like raking leaves or cleaning the feeding areas to larger projects like fence or irrigation repairs to painting FANS can always use good help. One of those helpers is volunteer, Annette Laliberte.

Annette tells us that “Caring for animals and the earth is not only a privilege it is our responsibility”. She spends her time volunteering with the smaller animals. Annette loves to cuddle the bunnies and help clean out the pig area. She has painted planters and really enjoys visiting with the animals. She also helped with the yard sale and has encouraged friends to support the sanctuary.

Annette and Winnie

Annette is retired and volunteers at FANS a couple of times per month not only at the sanctuary but also at fundraising events like our annual yard sale. She says the most rewarding part of being a volunteer is knowing the animals are forever safe and well cared for. The animals will live their lives surrounded by people that care for their every need.

David Burns also owns a company called Backyard Getaway. He did work on Annette’s friend’s backyard pond and while there, he told them about FANS. Annette was intrigued and very interested in finding out more. First, she followed them on Facebook and then later she became a volunteer.

Annette & friends supporting our Dine & Donate Event

The animals at FANS came to us for many reasons. Each one has their own story. FANS asked Annette, which animal is your favorite? Her response is great! “Well, I have several. Taylor, the pig, was my first love. I bonded with Taylor by putting sunscreen on her because she is fair skinned. Next would be Rory (pig) who moved in next to Taylor. Then Nosey arrived (goat) and she had a super sweet personality and then Bandit (llama) Oh, and the bunnies who were born Easter of 2019 and named after candy”.

Besides FANS, Annette belongs to several dog rescues. She is a Guardian Ad Litem in the 12th district court and a volunteer at Selby Gardens. For anyone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer, Annette says it is the best therapy in the world!And, if she could ask for one thing to help the animals at FANS it would be an endless supply of food.

Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary thanks Annette for helping us with nurturing animals, caring for nature, and serving community!