Volunteer Spotlight: Leah Riggle

Every so often we will interview one of our volunteers. Learn why they volunteer, what they like about being a volunteer and advice they would give to new volunteers and more.

Here is our Q&A with Leah Riggle!

FANS: How Did you hear about Farmhouse and what made you decide to become a volunteer?

Leah: My mom told me about it, and I really wanted to volunteer with animals and help take care of them.

FANS: What do you do as a volunteer?

Leah: Previously I helped with cleaning routines and did a mural, now I do designs and any other kind of digital art formatting.

FANS: What is the most rewarding or your favorite part of being a volunteer? 

Leah: Honestly, just making sure that I was able to help. All the animals on the farm are so well taken care of and they are so time consuming, so I am happy to do whatever I can in other departments since I’m not in Myakka anymore.

FANS: Which animal is your favorite at FANS and why?

Leah: Powder!!!! She is the cutest and spunkiest little misfit ever.

FANS: Does anyone else in your family volunteer at FANS? or elsewhere?

Leah: I had people in my class volunteer before, and my mom is connected to FANS with her non-profit, so they help each other out.

FANS: Do you work or go to school?

Leah: I recently graduated with a bachelor’s in art degree, with a digital media design concentration.

FANS: On average how often do you volunteer? 

Leah: It depends on what is needed, since I am in school I cannot physically volunteer, but I do whatever is needed. So, it varies.

FANS: What other hobbies/interests do you have?

Leah: Art and cars! Note from FANS: Leah painted our very first mural on one of our supply sheds.

FANS: What pointers would you share with someone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Leah: Wear some good shoes, be prepared for poop, and take a minute to really look at how beautiful these animals are.

FANS: If you could ask for one thing to help the animals at FANS what would it be?

Leah: Probably sheds, I know they need those