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Did you know you could purchase all your favorite Tupperware products and help the animals at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary at the same time? We have our very own Tupperware store! A portion of every purchase you make will be donated to FANS. Check out what’s new with Tupperware and shop today for your family, friends or yourself!

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Our very first Farmhouse Calendar complete with pictures of your favorite farmhouse animals taken by local photographers! Only $15 plus $5 shipping. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to FANS!

An infinity of inner peace and balance rest upon the integrity of the way of the warrior knight. Through walking in love and wisdom our glorified supernatural body will blossom in faith and rectitude as a child of light. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, as we walk as one with the spirit of truth, Bushido is the way of the warrior knight. This is my crest and the path I choose to follow. The one and only promise I have given to the Holiest Spirits, our Divine Father. 

T.M. Kolt (Tony the Mystical Knight of Light)

We are pleased to announce that our brother’s book of poems is now available for purchase. Tony, one of our original board of directors, passed away in December of 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Before he passed he donated his writings to the Farmhouse. It was his dream that after he left this earth that his works would be published in hopes to help raise funds for “the puppies”, as he called them, who live at the sanctuary. Proceeds from your purchase of his book of poems will be donated to the animals at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary!

I feel we are responsible for the well-being and protection of children and animals that have been placed in our care. These puppies from the Kangaroos, goats, horses, and pigs did not ask to be put in a position to need a safe place to grow old. Our integrity demands us to do what we can for the helpless and homeless, we cannot change the world or rescue all the defenseless, neglected, or abused animals and/or children but this sanctuary is our families opportunity to do our part in making it possible for these “puppies” to live out the rest of their life healthy and safe.” Tony has started a wonderful program called Chewy Gives Back. The goal is to help nonprofits like ours. For every new account set up on Chewy using the below link button $15 will be donated to Farmhouse Animal Nature Sanctuary. How easy is that? Visit Chewy, get all the best goodies for your pups and help the animals!

We would like to thank Roberta Hill for the generous donation of her beautifully handcrafted one of a kind jewelry. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of the items below will be donated directly to Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary!

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