HomeGrown Heroes: Holley Dekmar

Holley, a full time mother of four, wanted to do something to help her local community. With the stay at home order in place, kids being homeschooled and most places closed to the public, she had to get creative. She turned to social media, starting a fundraising group on Facebook called Giving Back 941. Her goal is to help as many local nonprofits as she can by raising funds through a fun and innovative online shopping page. The premise of the site is simple. Each item listed on the page has between 10 to 30 spots you can purchase. The spots range in cost from $1 to $10 depending on the item. Your name is added to the numbered spots you purchase. Once all the spots are filled a “spin wheel” app is used to pick the winning number. If your number is selected you win the item at a fraction of the retail cost! All proceeds over the cost of the item are then donated to the charity of the week. Everyone involved gets the satisfaction of knowing they are helping others in need. In less than a month Holley’s group has raised over $3000 for local non-profits and the group is growing every day!

Holley decided to start Giving Back 941 on her own. As the site grows she is quickly finding out that it is becoming a full time job, putting in about 60 hours a week researching/finding items to list, monitoring the group and doing live spins for the wins. Holley enlisted the help of her mother and two daughters, making it a family affair. She also has added family friend Dawn Mitchell as an admin for the group.  “I try to raise money for non-profit organizations that don’t get a lot of recognition or assistance” Holley says. She added that seeing the smiles from those they help is the most rewarding and favorite part of what she does.

With four kids and a mini farm of rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats, turkey and a pig, she is already very busy but she still finds time to give back to her community in other ways. She is a Girl Scout leader for the local troop, a leader for the 4H Cloverbuds and volunteer with their church’s sports programs. Holley feels giving back to the community helps to build and keep our community strong!

We asked Holley what is the one thing she would like to share with others who are thinking of becoming a volunteer or starting a community program. She pointed out that it is a great feeling to know you can help others. The one thing she needs to help her cause is more people to build her group so that they can continue to help local non-profits.