Hands, Hooves & Paws

COMING SOON! Our Hands-on One on One Program for middle and high school students

Caring for animals and the earth is not only a privilege it is our responsibility. Our Hands, Hooves and Paws program will partner middle & high school students with one of the animals at the sanctuary. The program will offer a hands-on, one on one learning experience covering all aspects of caring for the animal of the student’s choice, including feeding, barn/pasture chores, grooming and related activities.

What the program will provide:

  • Hands on learning experience for local at risk and underserved children/students.
  • Real life experience, teaching a way of life caring for animals and nature with the intent of peaking their interest in pursuing a career in animal care/vet services and/or horticultural and landscape services. 
  • Responsibilities will include caring for the animals, grooming, barn/pasture chores and related activities
  • Each student chooses one animal to work with and learns all aspects of animals care.
  • Children that are unsure or afraid of animals will be able to participate by learning about agriculture through gardening offering a biocentric approach to education

Participants will learn:

  • Patience, understanding and caring
  • manual labor caring for an animal that repeatedly makes a mess
  • empathy for another living being
  • learning to think outside of the box since animals don’t follow rules
  • team work, working to make life better for the animals
  • to discuss and learn how to handle difficult situations
  • How to be useful and involved and extend what they learned to everyday life

Come back here often to find out when the program will be available. In the meantime please visit our Animal Education Blog to learn about the animals!