In an effort to help reduce the potential spread of covid-19 and for the well being of our supporters our in person fundraising events are being put on hold for the time being and will be rescheduled at a later date. Please check out our online events below. Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

Thirty-One Gifts New Fall Catalog Fundraiser

From Sept 1st through the 15th we are partnering with Thirty-One Gifts! 25% off all sales go to help us here at the farmhouse. What is Thirty-One? They are a collection of thermals, totes, home decor (and more) that you can make personal with embroidery and etching.

Guys love them too! From travel to everyday lunch packs! Personalization and individuality make gifting perfection Home~Crafting~Work Organization are a breeze and look fabulous …all making every day tasks easy and convenient at your fingertips!


With every $50 spent you can get ANY item of your choice at 50% off! Shop for you, then add a tote for a friend.

Mystical Knight of Light… A Collection of Poems by T..M. Kolt

An infinity of inner peace and balance rest upon the integrity of the way of the warrior knight. Through walking in love and wisdom our glorified supernatural body will blossom in faith and rectitude as a child of light. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, as we walk as one with the spirit of truth, Bushido is the way of the warrior knight. This is my crest and the path I choose to follow. The one and only promise I have given to the Holiest Spirits, our Divine Father.
T.M. Kolt (Tony the Mystical Knight of Light)

As many of you may know our brother Tony, one of our original board members, passed back in December of 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Before he passed he donated his writings to Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary. His wish was that his poems would be published to help raise funds for our animals (or puppies as he called them). His dream has come true! We are excited to announce his collection of poems is now available with proceeds going to benefit the Farmhouse “puppies”! Order your copy today at Breaking Rules Publishing!