Did you know? Fun Facts About Conures!


Meet Sunday our resident Sun/Nanday Conure. She is the farm clown and loves to squawk every time she hears or sees someone coming to her habitat. She is a beautiful mix of a Sun Conure and Nanday conure which gives her a very unusual color pattern. Sunday is a typical conure in all other ways from her silly mischievous ways to her extremely loud call. She will happily perch on your shoulder or head and loves to pull your hair from your pony tail or knock your hat off.

  • sunday the conure
  • A conure is a medium size parrot and is sometimes called the “little Macaw” due to their bright vibrant colors
  • They are much smaller than a Macaw and usually weigh between 3 to 5 oz and grow to an average length of 12 inches
  • They are native to South America but are considered endangered
  • A conure has a few distinct sounds and are very loud. Their call can be carried for miles.
  • sunday sun/nanday conureSome conures are able to learn words and some will mimic sounds like a whistle or doorbell while others will only squawk.
  • The Sun conure is the most colorful of all conures with mostly gold tones. The Nanday conure is mostly green
  • Take a close look at the eyes. . . Notice the white rings around the eyes? This is a trait shared by all conures
  • They love Seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies as well as conure/parrot pellets. Sunday loves peanuts and waits every day by her dish until you hand her a peanut.
  • They are very playful birds and will live up to 30 years