Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Chrissy McDonald

Meet Christine McDonald, volunteer and long time friend. Chrissy is retired and helps with some of our virtual volunteer opportunities as well as on the farm.  When not helping the animals, she enjoys spending time bike riding, swimming, trail hiking/walking and exploring. Chrissy has made volunteering a family affair. She has recruited her daughter, Courtney and cousin Emily to help on the farm and Courtney, who enjoys photography, has taken many pictures for the FANS website. She tells us the most rewarding part of volunteering is “being around the animals and having time out of “city” like and being out in the country and helping however I can.” Here is what Chrissy has to say about being a volunteer:

How Did you hear about Farmhouse and what made you decide to become a volunteer?

I have been best friends with the owner, Lisa & Dave, since approximately 1982 so I knew the owners when they started this venture even before they officially became a Nonprofit. I started helping a couple years before with little projects that needed done. Once the organization became a 501c3, it was nothing but a delight to go out and help however I could, although I mostly did behind the scenes stuff needing done. I too love animals and totally support their endeavor aiming to help the animals live out the best possible life they can. It’s really rewarding to help the animals as well as my friends.

What do you do as a volunteer?

While not all activities involve working on the farm, I helped do several behind the scenes essentials – making contacts with businesses, sharing posts, and some other small projects. Onsite, I mainly looked after the bunnies, cleaning up their cages, giving them clean food and water, keeping their area clean and taking the bunnies on an area walk. I also helped do some stall cleaning, and cleaning the roo area. Additionally, I helped with some fundraising projects such as hosting a yard sale at my home.

Which animal is your favorite at FANS and why?

Well, I’ve always had a fascination with bunnies so I love tending to them. But my other favorite animals are the horses, the kangaroos and the goats. They have such amazing personalities and the way they interact with people.

On average how often do you volunteer?

whenever my health would allow me, and I still aim to share the Farmhouse posts if nothing else.

What pointers would you share with someone who is thinking of becoming a volunteer?

If you have a heart and love for farm animals, this is a great opportunity to help work with them. Whatever you don’t know, you will learn along the way

If you could ask for one thing to help the animals at FANS, what would it be?

For many others to help donate to the Farmhouse and come out and help! I’m looking forward to when they can really do more – like opening for people to come out and host as a place for field trips.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please visit our volunteer page to view some of our volunteer opportunities and then fill out our volunteer application to become a part of the Farmhouse Family!