Our Farmhouse Adventure

Photo by volunteer Derek Bowers

Caring for animals and the earth is not only a privilege it is our responsibility. It is responsibility we take seriously, but at the same time we feel learning about the animals is fun and rewarding. Be sure to visit often to follow our farmhouse adventures, keep up to date on what’s new at the farmhouse, learn fun facts and how to care for farm, exotic and wild animals and nature through our farmhouse blog.  Thank you for stopping by the Farmhouse blog page. Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Llamas

One of the many species of animals that live at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary is the Llama. I have to admit, years ago, when I first started volunteering at a friend’s sanctuary, I was a bit nervous when I saw the herd of Llamas. I remembered my first experience as a child with one of these intriguing creatures. I could not wait to get up close enough to pet this large eyed animal with the

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Did you know? Fun Facts About Conures!

Meet Sunday our resident Sun/Nanday Conure. She is the farm clown and loves to squawk every time she hears or sees someone coming to her habitat. She is a beautiful mix of a Sun Conure and Nanday conure which gives her a very unusual color pattern. Sunday is a typical conure in all other ways from her silly mischievous ways to her extremely loud call. She will happily perch on your shoulder or head and

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Wildlife Gardening for Kids & Adults

by Lisa Burns, Farmhouse Sanctuary Get Them Outside Seems kids today are spending more time inside on computers and playing video games, instead of playing outside in nature. It is increasingly difficult to get them outside. What if you had a project that would get them outside, allow you to spend time together as a family and teach them about wildlife and nature all at the same time? The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Florida

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Chocolate Bunnies and Peep Chicks

by Lisa Burns Easter is right around the corner. Children everywhere are becoming excited thinking about chocolate bunnies, Peeps & colored eggs, while parents & grandparents are thinking how cute it would be to have their child wake up to a cuddly bunny or fuzzy chick on Easter morning. If you are thinking of giving your child or grandchild a live bunny or chick please do your research and be prepared! Statistics show most people

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Did you Know? Fun Animal Facts

Did you know… A group of kangaroos is called a mob If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground , he can not hop A red kangaroo can reach speeds up to 35 mph and can jump up to 6 feet high Chickens absorb vitamin D from the sunshine through their combs on the top of their head  Chickens are omnivores and will eat small mice and lizards Chickens can remember and distinguish over 100

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