Our Farmhouse Adventure

Photo by volunteer Derek Bowers

Caring for animals and the earth is not only a privilege it is our responsibility. It is responsibility we take seriously, but at the same time we feel learning about the animals is fun and rewarding. Be sure to visit often to follow our farmhouse adventures, keep up to date on what’s new at the farmhouse, learn fun facts and how to care for farm, exotic and wild animals and nature through our farmhouse blog.  Thank you for stopping by the Farmhouse blog page. Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

Pets and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Pets and COVID-19: What you need to know by Sandra Krug, RRT, ARNP, CRNA About the coronavirus and COVID-19: Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some coronaviruses cause cold-like illnesses in people, while others cause illness in certain types of animals, such as cattle, camels, and bats. Some coronaviruses, such as canine and feline coronaviruses, only infect animals and do not infect humans. Public health officials and partners are working hard to identify the

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HomeGrown Heroes- TIFF

Your loved one is in crisis! You need to know! by Sandra Krug Tiffany Marie Olson was a beautiful young lady from Manatee County. She enjoyed the ocean. And, like all of us at Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary, Tiffany also loved all animals. She cherished her dog Simba. Simba had been found injured on the side of the road as a puppy and had surgery to mend injuries to her hindquarters. Tiffany adopted and rehabilitated her.

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Have you heard of GivingTuesday? It is a huge generosity effort releasing the power of people to transform their communities on December 3, 2019 – and every day. GivingTuesday started in 2012 as a straightforward idea: a day to inspire people to do good. Over the last seven years, that idea has grown into a global movement that inspires millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. It is an amazing giving event. One

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Creatures of the Night

Owls, Bats & Black Cats, Oh My! Bats, black cats, ravens, crows, and owls what do these creatures have in common? They are all associated with Halloween as evil or bad omens. Truth is, each of these creatures has many good qualities and in some cultures they are revered as symbols of good luck. Take the Black cat, in Western culture; they are viewed as a symbol of bad omens, especially if one crosses your

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For the Birds …

Setting up a bird feeding station Cooler weather is just around the corner, which means many bird species will soon be migrating south for the winter. Setting up a bird feeding station in your garden can help keep migrating and native birds full and happy this winter and give you hours of bird watching enjoyment. What’s for Dinner? What you choose to place in your feeder will depend on the species of birds in your

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Did you know? Fun Facts about Prairie Dogs

… The Barking Squirrels A few years ago there was an article on a local news website about a prairie dog who decided to make his home on (or should I say in) the first hole green at a local golf course. The manager at the golf course had the area roped off so not to disturb him and told the news that he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted. Although Prairie

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Sugar Gliders

They are furry, tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can glide through the air. Many people see a cuddly sweet looking Sugar Glider at a pet store or online and decide they have to have one, not realizing how much time and money goes into caring for them. If you don’t do your research you will soon find out it is not easy living with a nocturnal “party” animal that enjoys

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Llamas

One of the many species of animals that live at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary is the Llama. I have to admit, years ago, when I first started volunteering at a friend’s sanctuary, I was a bit nervous when I saw the herd of Llamas. I remembered my first experience as a child with one of these intriguing creatures. I could not wait to get up close enough to pet this large eyed animal with the

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Did you know? Fun Facts About Conures!

Meet Sunday our resident Sun/Nanday Conure. She is the farm clown and loves to squawk every time she hears or sees someone coming to her habitat. She is a beautiful mix of a Sun Conure and Nanday conure which gives her a very unusual color pattern. Sunday is a typical conure in all other ways from her silly mischievous ways to her extremely loud call. She will happily perch on your shoulder or head and

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