Our Farmhouse Adventure

Photo by volunteer Derek Bowers

Caring for animals and the earth is not only a privilege it is our responsibility. It is responsibility we take seriously, but at the same time we feel learning about the animals is fun and rewarding. Be sure to visit often to follow our farmhouse adventures, keep up to date on what’s new at the farmhouse, learn fun facts and how to care for farm, exotic and wild animals and nature through our farmhouse blog.  Thank you for stopping by the Farmhouse blog page. Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

Volunteers are Super Heroes

Celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week April 16-23, 2023 People always says it takes a village, when talking about giving back and working with a cause. At Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary we couldn’t agree more. Our volunteers are more than that, they are part of our Farmhouse Family. Without the help of these dedicated and caring people we couldn’t do what we do for the animals. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we asked our

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Bearded Dragons as Pets – Know Before Adopting 

By Andrea Inman Bearded dragons, native to Australia, are popular beginner reptiles for many because they are relatively friendly and easy to care for as long as you have done your research. Before you bring a bearded dragon into your home, ensure you have done the work up front. Here are important facts to consider before adopting a bearded dragon: Bearded dragons can live up to 15 years if cared for properly, so realize they

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Alternative Pets: Is a Cockatoo the right pet for you?

by Lisa Burns Cockatoos make wonderful companions and a source of entertainment for someone who is willing to put the time in. These birds are often given up for adoption due to what people consider to be behavior issues. Like any pet you may be considering it is important to fully research and carefully consider if this is the pet for you. If you decide to add one of these fun birds to your family

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Sorry Teacup Pigs Do Not Exist

By Sandra Krug While the word pig usually invokes images of life on a farm, potbellied pigs are increasingly popular as domestic pets. These pigs can be great companion animals. But pigs are not the right choice for everyone. Sometimes people adopt a pig without thoroughly researching their behaviors and care requirements. As a consequence, these intelligent animals end up surrendered to sanctuaries across the country. Most pigs are surrendered for not being a “teacup”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Chrissy McDonald

Meet Christine McDonald, volunteer and long time friend. Chrissy is retired and helps with some of our virtual volunteer opportunities as well as on the farm.  When not helping the animals, she enjoys spending time bike riding, swimming, trail hiking/walking and exploring. Chrissy has made volunteering a family affair. She has recruited her daughter, Courtney and cousin Emily to help on the farm and Courtney, who enjoys photography, has taken many pictures for the FANS

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Rabbits as pets

by Sandra Krug Kids often wish for pets more than parents. Kids think animals are cute and fun to have. Grown-ups know the work required. But, owning a pet can make a home complete. Let’s look at rabbits as pets. Like all pets, rabbits need specific care. Speak with a vet about rabbit care and any questions you may have before purchasing a rabbit. Be sure to find a vet with rabbit experience. Don’t forget

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HomeGrown Heroes: Tiffany Howard-Webb

Every so often we like to feature a person who we consider to be a “HomeGrown Hero”. What makes a HomeGrown Hero? Someone who gives back to their community, who has the desire to help others and finds a way to do just that! Tiffany Howard-Webb is the founder of Rescue of the Week Flash Sales. Each week she hosts an online fundraiser for different 501c3 rescues and sanctuaries. Tiffany tells us she looks for

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Ferrets as Pets

by Sandra Krug Ferrets are often considered a unique pet to own. Many ferret owners turn to the ferret for its curious, playful, and social qualities. Ferrets love to play and explore with others and their owners and on their own. So, you need to know a few things about taking care of a ferret. First, you must ferret proof your home before you establish them as pets. They will crawl around the house, on

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Guinea Pigs as Pets

By Sandra Krug If you are contemplating a pet for your home, you might want to consider a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are lovable, furry little creatures that will give you a lot of happiness. In addition, guinea pigs can be a great first pet for kids because they are relatively simple to care for and more cuddly than gerbils or fishes. Let’s discuss some more information to help you decide whether a guinea pig

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