#BeTheOne to Volunteer

By Sandra Krug

Together we can save precious lives. Volunteering with animals is a rewarding experience with many benefits. Volunteers often state that helping a rescue organization changed their lives. People never forget the animals they helped or the people who are a part of this vital mission. Take action and make an impact.

Farmhouse Animal and Nature Sanctuary is based in Myakka City and is the collaboration of individuals who care very much about protecting all animals and the environment in which we live. We strive to make a difference to the lives of the animals we rescue, in addition to this, through education and community outreach, we work to lessen negative human impact on our environment and animals.

Volunteering with our resident animals is a rewarding, fun, and unique opportunity. The Farmhouse is diverse and unusual, and every animal lover should take up the opportunity to volunteer with animals here! Farmhouse needs volunteers for all aspects of domestic, farm and exotic animal care, housekeeping projects, and fundraising. We are continually looking for fresh ideas and ways to raise the funds that Farmhouse needs to continue our work.

The team of volunteers here at the Farmhouse works every day with various and diverse species, like; Llama, goats, horses, kangaroos and tortoises.

In addition to preparing food, feeding, cleaning the enclosures of these animals, and repairing the sanctuary’s infrastructure, volunteers assist in teaching local school children and community members about these fantastic creatures. 

The work also includes the excitement of spending time with fantastic animals and learning more about how animals live and how humans interact with them. The best feeling ever is when you know every animal’s name, and you can talk about them!

Here are some testimonials from current volunteers:

  • “The Farmhouse is a caring group of kind people who want to make the world a better place. When I visit the farm, my heart smiles from all the happy creatures that live there,” Annette.
  • “The Farmhouse means pure joy – that these animals now have a home where they will be loved and taken care of,” Ola.
  • “Farmhouse means family. It means leaving no one behind. The Farmhouse is there for all animals in need and proves that there is someone out there who can be everything an animal needs,” Leah.
  • “I love to help the animals and to see their love shine through their eyes back at me.” Letechia.
  • “Gives me peace and happiness as soon as I drive through the gate. It’s so nice to be out in nature and seeing all the animals there treated with such freedom, kindness, and love,” Renee.

We provide full training and support, so you do not need any previous experience, but the commitment and an interest in animals and the natural world is essential!

We are a small friendly team. Get in touch if you are interested, and we can show you around the Farmhouse and the projects. On receipt of your application, we will (subject to availability and approval), contact you with an offer of a provisional place. Spaces are limited, so if at any point you are unable to proceed, please let us know soon as possible so that we can offer the place to another applicant.

Due to the current Coronavirus COVID 19 Pandemic, we are practicing safe social distancing. We require you wear a mask when working closely with other volunteers. We can provide a mask if needed and provide antibacterial soap in all wash stations and hand sanitizer. You are welcome to apply using the Farmhouse Volunteer form. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.