About Us

Our mission at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non profit, is to care for, love and support the exotic, domestic and farm animals that live at the sanctuary, to the best of our ability, for the remainder of their lives and to educate the public on animal care and nature.

Farmhouse Sanctuary grew out of our love for animals and inspired by a dear friend’s commitment to helping animals. She always gives more than she receives and taught us that if we listen the animals will tell us what they need. We hope to make her proud by continuing what she started albeit on a smaller scale and with some ideas of our own tossed in .

As lifelong pet owners, volunteering for many years at a local wild, farm and exotic animal rescue, and later as live in care takers at a sanctuary we decided we needed to continue caring for the animals that are currently living here as well as helping others in the future. It is our goal to give them a place to feel safe while teaching a new generation the joy of caring for animals.

Our Board

dave and peanut butter

Dave Burns

Dave Burns has been a local business owner for over 25 years and is a skilled tradesman with experiences in the construction, landscape and hardscape fields. His animal experience includes 30 + years of hands on caring for farm animals in addition to 2 years caring for exotic, wild and farm animals as a live in caretaker on a farm sanctuary and a life-long pet owner of domestic animals including dogs, cats, birds and fish. Dave has implemented and taught a hands on program at local schools creating wildlife habitats with the students. He also volunteered for many years working on construction and maintenance projects for a local wild, exotic and farm animal sanctuary.

Lisa george and herbie

Lisa Burns

Lisa Burns is a local business owner/manager for over 25 years in construction, landscape and retail fields. She brings an educational background in Marketing/Management. Lisa is a published writer who covers topics in gardening, wildlife and pets. Her animal experiences include eight plus years of hands on caring for farm animals, two years as a live in care taker on a farm sanctuary caring for exotic, wild and farm animals. She is a life-long pet owner of domestic animals including dogs, cats and birds. In addition, Lisa volunteered for many years working on fundraisers, acquiring grants and marketing for a local wild, exotic and farm animal sanctuary.

farmhouse sanctuary carrie and trace

Carrie Brown

Carrie Burns has been a resident of Manatee County for most of her life. She is a Veteran serving as a medic in the National Guard. She has 10+ years of experience in the medical field and three years as an administrative assistant including phlebotomy, medical billing as well as emergency room staffing. Carrie has an Associate degree as a Pastry Chef and Restaurant Management. Her animal experience include two years as a part time caretaker on an exotic and farm animal sanctuary. She is also a life-long pet owner of dogs and cats. Carrie has a soft spot for big dogs and bully breeds.

Tony Wakefield

In Memoriam: Tony, one of our original board members, passed away December 2018. Tony Wakefield had over 20 years of experience in large scale business management and customer service. His experience includes purchasing, inventory control, scheduling and accounts payable/receivable. Additionally he is an author of short stories, poems and spiritual writings. He has a great love and appreciation for nature and wildlife. His animal experience includes hand raising Cockatiels, chickens and Oscars, as well as being a life-long pet owner of dogs and cats. He has experience as a dog trainer, helped retrain an abused horse and raised a cow and a bull that liked to headbutt.

farmhouse sanctuary

Sandra Krug

Sandra Krug is a self-employed nurse entrepreneur. She has resided in Myakka City since 2007. Her experience with animals includes domestic pets such as dogs, cats and birds, large such as llamas, pocket pets and a wide variety of exotics. Special needs and senior animals are near and dear to her heart. She has cared for disabled, sick and injured animals for many years.

farmhouse sanctuary

Garrett Krug

Garrett Krug has been a Manatee County resident since 2007. He is a business owner Respiratory Therapist. He has a love for all animals and a passion for animal advocacy. He has personal experience with pocket pets, such as sugar gliders and prairie dogs; exotics, such as monkey and raccoons; small animals such as cats and dogs; large animals such as pigs, goats and llamas; as well as fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Sue Clapper

Sue has been a Manatee county resident since 1976 and has over 22 years experience in the veterinary field working with small animals, mostly cats and dogs. She is a life long animal lover and has had many pets of her own. Sue’s work in the veterinary clinic includes technical work, billing and inventory management. She volunteers regularly at the sanctuary and is not afraid of hard work. Sue tells us she enjoys getting to work with some of the exotic animals here at the sanctuary, and even though it’s hard to choose a favorite animal, she would have to say the kangaroos are at the top of her list.

georgia and danny

Georgia Keene

Georgia Keene grew up in Upstate New York where she completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology and a Master’s degree in Insect Ecology. Her Master’s thesis focused on microhabitat features and monitoring techniques for the threatened inland barrens buck moth. Georgia now works helping safeguard Florida’s agricultural commodities against exotic fruit fly introductions. She has fostered about 35 dogs since moving to Florida in 2014 and helped thousands find homes through volunteer work in rescue. Georgia is a lifelong animal lover, having ridden horses from age 6 and volunteered with Heifer Project and other animal causes from a young age. She has 2 dogs of her own and spends most of her free time with them.

Youth Advisor Panel

Our youth advisor panel will help us develop our children’s programs and as well as give us a young person’s perspective on programs and animal enrichment


David, 15 has grown up helping care for the animals on his grandparents’ farm while visiting them during the summers. He has also volunteered for two years at a farm, wild and exotic animal sanctuary. He is very interested in creating art, particularly charcoal drawings, and writing fiction. David loves learning about all types of science as well. His favorite animals to work with at the sanctuary are the kangaroos. He feels it is important for us to plant more trees to help clean polluted air and to provide homes for wildlife.

Justin (JJ)

Justin, 12 has grown up helping to care for the animals on his grandparents’ farm and has also spent two summers volunteering at a farm, wild and exotic animal sanctuary. He loves music and video games. His favorite animals to work with at the sanctuary are the Sulcata Tortoises. He likes tortoises and turtles of all kinds. He feels it is important for humans to pick up after themselves and to waste less creating less trash for landfills and picks up trash whenever he sees it. He enjoys being in the spotlight and would like to have his own youtube channel one day.