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Creatures of the Night

Owls, Bats & Black Cats, Oh My! Bats, black cats, ravens, crows, and owls what do these creatures have in common? They are all associated with Halloween as evil or bad omens. Truth is, each of these creatures has many good qualities and in some cultures they are revered as symbols of good luck. Take the Black cat, in Western culture; they are viewed as a symbol of bad omens, especially if one crosses your

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For the Birds …

Setting up a bird feeding station Cooler weather is just around the corner, which means many bird species will soon be migrating south for the winter. Setting up a bird feeding station in your garden can help keep migrating and native birds full and happy this winter and give you hours of bird watching enjoyment. What’s for Dinner? What you choose to place in your feeder will depend on the species of birds in your

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